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It is an exciting journey to see yourself creating a world of boundless possibilities as an entrepreneur. Evolvement in technology is such a beautiful weapon that entrepreneurs keep exploring. Marketing on this base keeps getting more embracement as things are more easier and better than excellent.

I remember those days of moving from office to office, knocking at doors before making sales. In those days no matter how cooperate you dressed in the morning you look exhausted and tattered after some hours of working.

Marketing has greatly evolved. We are now in a time when you do more sales by thinking than moving. Think. Think. Think. Friend, this is what marketing is about now. With proper design and creativity you can run your market from your sleep. Alerts keep coming even when you didn’t ask for it. Every time becomes your  “Flash Sales”.

PC Mart is one super platform where smart work is on everyone’s tongue and action. The following tips can stand you out in no distance time as a seller, an affiliate and a location rep.


Know What You Are Signing For

Many people have little or no knowledge of what they can achieve in PC Mart. Some look at our multilevel marketing and poorly think we’re about sign ups and earning for doing nothing. That is wrong.

The first thing to know is that everyone is a smart and hardworking fellow in PC Mart community. Three main possible engagements in PC Mart are being:

  • a seller
  • an affiliate or
  • a location representative.

All of us are marketers in PC Mart. We collaborate to bring productive visibility to brands, goods/products and services.

Tips for Sellers

As a seller please note that it does not end in just posting products and services and then folding your hands. Tips to help you as a seller to be exceptional are:

  • Get involved. Be interested in making your store look amazing.
  • Ensure your store has a logo and a banner. This goes a long way to make people visiting your store to feel more attached to you on one on one basis.
  • When you upload products please use High definition images. Design or pay someone to get good studio images or look for such images on google to use
  • Give short and long descriptions of the product you upload. Most times people search randomly for the content of your store and not always by your store name. The descriptions you give will be the source of words the search engine will use to show your products. So ensure there is enough details. If you can’t give much check from google and copy and paste but be sure it is relevant and will make your products exceptional.
  • Give tags in the space for tags. Tags are words you think people can use to search for this product you are uploading. Give as many as you can think.
  • SEO of your store: SEO means search engine optimization. Please give descriptions in the settings of your store so that when someone is using google to search for products similar to the ones in your store it is easy for google and social medias to show customers your goods and services.
  • Please do not skip the “setting up wizard” that you come across while signing up as a seller and if you did please go to settings to check how to do the settings.

Tips for Affiliates

As an affiliate note that an affiliate is a marketer that is associated with a business, organisation or company. People are attracted to sign up on our MLM affiliate program but the MLM is just a spice to draw more affiliates. Our system is emerging the best sales platform because sellers’ store will be constantly depleted as the number of affiliates to sell the same products can be unlimited.

Affiliates are drawn based on the earnings possible from downline sign ups but sorry to burst your thinking. The earnings that are possible from sales of products, goods and services is still much more huge than the earnings from signing up of affiliates. Please check our second tip below to see one of the tools that affiliates can use to achieve sales. So earning as an affiliate can be from

  • Sign up of other affiliates
  • Writing quality review on specific goods and services using google website, your personal website and social media.
  • The sales of all affiliates under you to the 12thgeneration are also sources of huge income for.

Not to worry our knowledge base will guide you and your downlines to design websites, blogs and maximize the social media for sales


Tips for Reps

Please note that a location rep could be an affiliate or a seller. The function of a rep is to encourage and guide sellers to sign up and start selling on PC Mart. To succeed as a rep:

  • Sign up as many sellers as possible.
  • Tell people in your neighbourhood, on your social media platform, in the church/mosque, market place…just anywhere you see people.
  • Approach banks and offices and tell them that you can connect them with food sellers and seller of items they need but not easily chanced to go for them. Follow it up by helping a nearby restaurants and item sellers to set up their stores on PC Mart. You are already in business.
  • Ensure sellers know your username on PC Mart because that is what will be used to track your sales.

Work hand in hand with your sellers to drive sales to their store.

Google Visibility

Google Visibility

Our Knowledge Base (KB) has a lot of details on this. Google visibility is important to sellers, affiliates and location reps.

In PC Mart there is nothing like I am jobless. We are constantly developing contents that can even keep you overworked if care is not taken. You however need to take it bit by bit so that you can enjoy the workflow. 

As an affiliate you need google visibility to enhance making sales using your affiliate links and of course to get more affiliates to sign up in your network because the more affiliates in your network the more percentage of products and service sales that keep coming to you. In your google website display any product/service using your affiliate link. As people search for such goods and services using google, your chances of hitting this sales is very high.

As a seller, display your store and products on google website. Your possibilities are boundless.  If you are an affiliate as well as a seller be sure to use your affiliate link of your own products and the products of any seller you like on your google website. Your earnings will be coming via your store as well as your affiliate account.

As a location rep be certain to display products of the sellers you sign up as well as the products of any seller you like. Promote the store of the sellers you signed up because the more they sell the more you earn. If you are an affiliates please use your affiliate link of the products so that your earnings can be maximized.

Tips on Getting Your Links

Please know that all sellers have specific link to their stores that they can use to drive traffic to their stores. Their lovers can also use their store links to advertise their stores.

The link of stores looks like:


For example one of our seller’s store name is Taaymi Wigs.

The link to this store is: https://pcmartng.com/seller/taaymi-wigs.

Also all affiliates have equal right to sell any product be you a silver, gold or diamond affiliate. The difference is only in their respective percentages of earning

All affiliates can copy the link of any item on the website and put /ref/username and if anyone clicks to buy it commission comes to the owner of the link and his uplines.

To get the link of any product, service or sign up link please open the product page from PC Mart homepage or shoppage. 

For example, to sell Heel, a product from one of our store owners, Lade Collection

Note that this personalizes the sales of this product through you to your credit.

Also note that all link addresses are usually in small letters.

Generally people can come to PC Mart using pcmartng.com/ref/username and whatever they buy you earn a referral commission from such sales. But to promote specific products of interest you need to use your link of that product to make decision making faster for your customers.

Tips on Free Google Website

Please give a comment if you have questions or contents you like to get clarity on or make suggestions. Thanks for checking by.