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Have you been looking for an easy to use portal for managing school results, accounting, online school fees payment and CBT online exam for your school or for a client of yours? Do you need one that you will only make a once-off payment? Are you in need of a portal that has offline and online/cloud storage options? Do you need a portal that you can set up within 24hours? Do you need a portal that is pocket friendly?

You have visited this page at the best time ever!


We are giving free application that you can use to set up school portal for manage online results, online school fee payment and CBT practice for any school anywhere! It is very unique from anyone you have come across before. Please check some of its features here.

Features of College D.R.E.A.M.S.

· General Database:

The system archives information of Student, alumni, Staff, and parents/Guardian along with their passport photograph, termly result performance etcetra for future reference purposes.  This enables relevant authority to verify any information at any point in time. Results of alumni can also be viewed long after graduation with ease. This eliminates fraudulent practice and ease report retrieval at any point as regards student records.

· Collation/Generation of Report:

A user-friendly interface designed for staff according to their discipline by the administrator to enter results, then automatically the software processes and collates students’ results to determine individual student position in class, form, subject positions etc.  The Software can also generate all types of reports i.e. Student’s cumulative report sheet, MIS reports for checking best performed class, student and subject etc. We have assisted schools (list attached) to minimize cost of outputting results as teachers can input results using their phones without putting too much burden on the school generator, desktops and wi-fi. One of the schools in particular, Elyon College and Leadership Academy Abeokuta, who usually issue two (2) results per term (midterm and terminal examination results) was so grateful that they no longer depend on huge amounts of paper per session.

· SMS notifications:

 An average Nigerian uses mobile phone that’s why College DREAMS ™ with the use of the SMS service can alert parent/staff about forthcoming events or even as the result is posted into the system. Parents get immediate notifications on their mobile phone and also their wards scores and subject remarks from the subject teachers. This simply improves communication between the teachers, school and parents.

· Email notifications:

Email Service is also integrated into the system, this enable email to be sent automatically to parents and wards, this will complement the SMS messages to cater for parents who are out of the country and do not have access to their cell phones. And also softcopies of relevant document (news later, yearbook) can be sent as Attachments to all parents with valid email address.

          · Staff Module

ü This module keeps record of all the Staffs of the school, Academic and Non-academic staffs with their passport photograph, signatures and detailed bios.

ü This software is designed with the primary objective of reducing the manual effort of staff when compiling student result. The only required input is at the end of each Term individual subject teacher will have to post result for each students respectively. The program collates the subjects, processes and does the grading automatically.

ü This module allows for assigning a staff/teacher to a particular subject and class. With this feature, illegal update of student result is eliminated as only the subject teacher for each subject can alter his/her own student result.

        · Account Module:

 This module is designed to help monitor payments made by students, it helps the bursary units to be more efficient and effective as all payments are posted into the systems and reports can be generated anytime i.e. debtors list report, student class ledger summary est.

A report called ‘Student Account Statement Report’ can be printed for each student showing all financial transactions from inception till date for any student to avoid argument by parents.

         · E-Learning:

 This module is designed in line with the new Computer Based Test (CBT) approach recently adopted by JAMB and other universities for post UTME.

This module is currently loaded with Past UTME & Post-UTME questions which students can use for their daily practice before any of these exams.

 The system generates questions randomly and at the end of the practice display the student performance along with corrections and explanations.

 This module can also be used for internal test/exams, it reduces cost of printing question papers and students immediately see their scores.

         · Security & Audit Module:

 A user name, Password and permission role is required before granting access to staff and students. This authenticates each user and restricts them to their specific role assigned by the program administrator i.e. a teacher cannot modify account records.

 Passwords can always be changed at any time without alarming the program Administrator. 

 Print out of any report/document comes along with the logo of the school, time printed and name of the person who printed (in case of future distortion).

 And so much more… 

If you have a website already we can integrate our application for free. The application is also free. You only pay a one time processing fee for setting it up. If you do not have a website at all we can design a website for you too. Website design costs ₦80,000 while the cost of setting up the application is ₦300,000. You can pay twice.
We give 100% remote support for the set up and we are available 24/7/365.
I will appreciate the opportunity for us to serve your school in this capacity.
Contacts: hello@pcmartng.com, +2348168052442

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