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Website Designing Series

Complete Guide to Website Design

Click on Me for Course Methodology

Hello. Welcome to this special class for designing of websites. It is our earnest desire that you start designing as many websites as possible even before the class is over.

Truth be told: the best way we can illustrate this course is to use videos. Some aspects will require that you should watch over and over before you master such set up.

Hence it is advisable to download the videos. This also ensure you enjoy the best quality of the video as some online videos may not look clear enough if the network is not strong enough.

To download the videos to our phones and systems any of the following will  can help.

  1. Use en.savefrom.net: This website allows you to paste any link of a video that match their standards and download. Just open any of PC Mart Knowledge Base video then copy its link that is in your browser. Then open en.savefrom.net. You’ll see a space to paste the video link you have copied earlier. You’ll see options to download it.
  2. Use Free YouTube Downloader: This app is useful on desktops for downloading of videos too. Just paste the link of video you want to download and it gets done.
  3. Read more options on wikihow if you need more. The link is https://www.wikihow.com/Download-YouTube-Videos

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Click on Me for Part 1: Overview

In this first series we have to take a look at the type of website we are designing. What functionalities can it perform. Some ‘stunts’ (to a layman) are highlighted there too. Enjoy

Hosting, Domain, Themes and Plugins

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Landing page design is well illustrated in the following video, courtesy of Achiever’s Club (it’s a club you should sign up on too)

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