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Hello. Look at what your school websites should look like here:

Some schools’ website live in a different world from the school.

Some schools only depend on their website designers to update their websites. Have you taught about the possibility of not needing your website designer again except for some technical issues? Have you taught of a website that you, your staff and students can use similar to facebook and whatsap?

Your website should be a complete replica of your school and almost everything that take place in your school should be able to take place on your website. There should even be activities that can only be achieved on the website. This can be fee processing, granting admission, having classes, monitoring school bus’ direction, managing attendance of staff and students, constant school promo, having virtual tours etceteral

A standard school website has the following features:

  1. Able to manage Multi-School: very important for schools having different branches. Each branch to be 100% managed on the same site – Add multiple schools/campuses and manage the school activity in single dashboard and assign the school admin.
  2.  Online exam: Coming to the school before new students can take exam is now fading away. You don’t need multiple apps or websites either. Just on your school website recruitment exam, new students’ exam (important in catching prospect students’ attention), internal exams etc should be taking place. If this is not yet in your school website I think you need to look at it again.
  3.  Unlimited fees and different payment methods such as bank transfer, USSD, ATM etc should be taking place on your website. Yes, let your website be the one producing receipt and evidence of payment sent to the parent and to the school authority/account.
  4.  Classes and Sections/arms – Each class should have its own web space on your website. They can interact together with their teacher right on your website. If all your students don’t have personal accounts on your school website yet then it indicates the school website needs better intarractive engagement. Add classes. Assign classes to each school. Add class sections/arms, all well managed.
  5.  Online classes – Create unlimited live classes. Teacher can manage the classes and student can learn online with mobiles and any other devices. If you still rely on multiple websites/apps before your children can learn online then you need this. You don’t need Google Class, Whatsap and multiple other combination when you have your school website. Let students and teachers meet and interact with just one account. No need for having code for Physics class, different from Mathematics class. Just one username and password give all teachers and students access to each other. Isn’t this super-cool?
  6.  Subjects – Add different types of subjects in a school and assign teachers. Even make some teachers class teachers managing a particular class.
  7.  Students Admission – From making enquiry to seeing school fees, to filling sign up form to paying first fee etc. Add new admissions to a class. Define fees structure. Add parent login detail. Let parents be able to access their wards details, view the child’s attendance, view his results, can even leave message for the ward and for the school! The parent account however is different from that of the ward.
  8.  Student Promotion – Promote student from one class in a session/arm to another class of a new session/arm using your website.
  9.  Student Transfer – Transfer student from one school to another school. For instance from Primary school to secondary school of the same institution.
  10.  Roles and Permission – Create multiple roles like teacher, accountant etc and assign permissions. Even drivers and cooks should have accounts on your website. Their details should be captured there and information can be disseminated to them there too!
  11.  Staff – Staff can manage school activity assigned to them by school Admin. This mean a particular staff can be given limited access on the website. Only the role permitted will the staff access.
  12.  Accounting – Fee Invoice Generation, Fee Types, Expense and Income Management, Payment Collection should be easily managed by anyone assigned the role.
  13.  Library Management – Manage books, generate and print student library cards, issue books to students. Let your online library manage the physical and virtual library.
  14.  Transport Management – Manage vehicles, transport routes and generate students transport report.
  15.  Notifications – Send email and SMS notifications for new admission, invoice generation, fee submission etc.
  16.  Widgets – Noticeboard Widget, Student Login Widget.
  17.  Export Records to CSV – Export student records, inquiries, expense, income and more for physical filling.
  18.  Study Materials – Teacher can upload and assign the study materials to students according to class wise from student dashboard.
  19.  Home Work Materials – Teacher can upload and assign the Home Work Materials to students according to class wise from student dashboard.
  20.  Time Table – Create and publish exam time tables as well as daily routine time table. Let students and teachers view it.

Do you have any other specification not yet captured?
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