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Affiliate FAQ

What is PC Mart all about?
<p>PC Mart is an online shopping mall where you can either buy, sell, be a location rep or be a multilevel marketing affiliate or you can do the 4 all together.</p>
Is PC Mart a MLM company?
<p>We are an online shopping mall that uses MLM affiliate system to promote our marketing and sales.</p>
Who is an affiliate?
<p>An affiliate is a marketer who helps direct buyers to an organization</p>
Why does PC Mart has MLM in its Affiliate System?
<p>The multilevel marketing in our affiliate program ensures that affiliates sign up with a fee. Up line affiliates have percentages from this sign up. This alone can enrich our affiliates in millions. With this they are encouraged to sign up more affiliates thereby expanding our coverage. Additionally, affiliates earn from the sales of products from the affiliates that sign up under them. So the more affiliates that are signed up under a particular upline can go a long way in helping the upline to earn from multiple affiliate accounts</p>
How is joining free
<p>All sign ups in PC Mart are free. *Buyer’s sign up: free. *Seller’s sign up: free. *Rep Sign up: free. *Affiliate Sign up: free. 500 and 2000 naira are only for affiliates who are interested in multilevel marketing, earning from other people’s sales and of course to partake in some of our energy taking training. It is a win win situations. In fact you gain more as you learn and earn. We’re glad we’ll be impacting you and helping you to set up your own strong online presence at low cost as possible if not totally free. Mind you your website, blog, app shouldn’t be all about PC Mart. No! It should be mainly of your own business and passion. We’ll just appreciate you display links of some of our products on some part of your site. After all, affiliates do that to earn more.</p>
How can I operate multiple accounts?
<p>To use the same email address to procure more than one slot, you add the command language u2018+u2019, e.g. example+1@gmail.com, example+2@gmail.com etc That is you use those variations during each accounts’ sign up. Note that when you use the command language described here you’ll still receive all your notification in the same original email address, i.e. in example@gmail.com but they can function as if they are different on the website</p>
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