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PC Mart Topup was carefully designed with every Nigerian in mind, ranging from consumers of data that are searching for affordable VTU prices and those who need a reliable place for instant vending of data, airtime, electric bill amongst others to their customers. For summarized details on how to use PC Mart Topup please watch the video attached to this write up.

Different Packages

We offer three main packages for data topup.

  1. Reseller’s Package: First thing is to sign up for free by clicking here. This account requires an upgrade with the sum of 500 naira. You can enjoy the lowest price in this package as shown here..
  2. Registered Customers’ Package: This means you will create a free account by filling the sign up form or by clicking here. You can then fund your wallet for free and enjoy registered customer’s offer as specified here.
  3. Non-Registered Customer’s Package: This customer submits order to our business line after making payment to our business account and the order is processed by a dedicated staff. The price is also specified here.
How to Register for Different Packages
1. Steps to Becoming a Reseller:
  • Create account for free by filling our sign up form or by clicking here
  • Login and click on Become a Reseller.
  • Fund your wallet and start selling!
2. Steps to Becoming a Registered Customer:
  • Create account for free by filling our sign up form or by clicking here
  • That’s all. You can fund your wallet and enjoy the prices specified here.
3. To Buy Without Registering:
  • Save our number: 07012353436
  • Make payment for any plan to our account (0080240849, PC Mart, Sterling Bank).
  • Send your proof of payment with the number to be recharged to: 07012353436 and you will be credited immediately.
Video Guide


This video gives step by step guide on how to use PC Mart Topup:

📌How to register

📌 How to login

📌 Funding Wallet

📌Upgrading an account as reseller

📌How to buy data

📌Transferring to friend’s wallet

📌 Our Referral Package

The sign up link is here:


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