Products Uploading

Products Uploading

Uploading of products by sellers in PC Mart is very simple and fun to do. In this pictorial and video guide I’ll show you very simple steps in in uploading products within few minutes. This guide will help those using phones to upload their products the better.

Products Classifications

All products that can be uploaded on PC Mart can be classified as:

  • Simple Product
  • Variable Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Downloadable Product

Accessing Products Uploading Page

Simple Products

They are simple because there is only one version of the product. They are a unique and independent product type. Follow the procedure here to upload them. The following video should suffice but you can still read through the pictorial guide that follows it.

Variable Products

These products have different options for customers to choose from.  You can use this product type to create multiple variations of a single product and save the time and effort of creating each variation from scratch.

Steps 2- 6 of Simple Products covered above still applies here.

Below we’ll cover step 1 and then skip steps 2-6 since it is the same as in Simple Products. Then we’ll cover ‘Products Attributes’ and variation creation. The attached video however gives comprehensive detailed guide if you don’t mind.

Please note that product attributes are key factors in setting up variations.

Adding Virtual Products

They include products like tickets, hotel booking, airline booking, concert etc.

The initial process of creating a virtual product is the same as any simple product. You can go to Products → Add Product

Enter the required information such as name, description, categories etc.

To make the product virtual, tick the ‘Virtual’ checkbox on the product type panel. Once you mark a product as virtual, the shipping section disappears from the Product Data metabox.

Adding Downloadable Products

Firstly, go to Products → Add Product

Similar to how you add virtual products, tick the downloadable product checkbox to make a product downloadable. When you tick the checkbox, the General section of the Product Data metabox displays a few extra fields to add information specific to the downloadable product type. These fields are as follows:

  • Name and File URL – Click the Add file button to enter the name and URL of the downloadable product. Alternatively, you can provide the path for the file by clicking the Choose file button.
  • Download limit – You can specify how many times your customer can re-download the product. To give unlimited re-download option for your customers, keep this field blank.
  • Download expiry – Specify the number of days the download link stays active. After the specified number of days, the link expires.
  • Download type – Choose from three options to specify what kind of downloadable product you are selling. The three available options are:
    • Standard Product
    • Application/Software
    • Music

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